Eating With the Seasons



Maddie Earnest, owner of Local Harvest and author of “Missouri Harvest – A Guide to Growers and Producers in the Show-Me State” (Published by Reedy Press : Webster University Press, 2012), presented an exciting program of how to eat local Missouri produce and products. She offered tips to eat through the seasons and to eat healthy. Bringing with her freshly picked swiss chard, Maddie advised how you can enjoy locally grown vegetables. By doing so, a home chef and reduce their vegetable costs, something that is always welcome.

During her presentation, audience members got to ask questions about what it takes to eat locally grown produce and products. They could view photos of local Missouri farms where chickens are range free.  Dining at her restaurant, customers are guaranteed fresh food. Delicious waffles with freshly picked blueberries can tempt anyone who thinks they should be skipping breakfast, to enjoy a hearty meal.

Thanks to Maddie for sharing her vast knowledge of bringing local harvest to your palate and kitchen!



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